The Jubilee Camporee - 5 th  anniversary of the Neu-Anspach Kestrels

Time of the camporee: Oct. 12 to Oct.15, 2000 (Thursday to Sunday)

In order to prepare our fifth scouting anniversary, we (the collaborators of the troop Neu-Anspach Kestrels) already arrived on the camp site on Thursday, 12/10/2000. This early arrival allowed us to rehearse for our worship service on Sunday, but also to tackle the groundwork of building up the camp.

After this unhurried day of the collaborators, the scouts and cub scouts arrived in the following afternoon. Together, we put up the rest of the camp.

In the evening, a few scouts from Trossingen joined us, and the jovial hours around the campfire we passed together until it was time to go to sleep, were much too short.

On Saturday morning, several workshops were offered, such as building camp structures, forging, abseiling, etc. Moreover, the scouts could take part in a football tournament. In the afternoon, all parents were invited to join us. All together, we did activity stations, parents and children being divided into groups and being sent onto the journey. At one station, e.g., they could test their accuracy in casting horse shoes. At another station their task was to spit cherry stones as far as possible.

A member of the press accompanied us and also stayed during the following scout investiture ceremony. Scouts from various troops gave their cub scout or scout promise which was a good cause for a celebration. Afterwards, we all joined around the campfire where sausages and steaks were grilled. The abundant buffet was completed by noodle salades and cakes, donated by the parents.

Many hours later, we went to sleep.

On Sunday morning, there wasn't much time left. Together, the scouts marched from Hunoldstal to Neu-Anspach in order to help to conduct the worship service. Mantshy delivered the sermon. The notorious "scout choir" accompanied the praising part of the service. After church, the scouts went back to Hunoldstal to have their last meal together and to take down the tent squares. Several members of a new colony in Essen which had already arrived before church, kept us company.