The Federal Jamboree 2001

On July 26, our group - the New Anspach Kestrels - arrived with 30 scouts at the camp site in Zimmern near Marktheidenfeld. We immediately started dressing our tents, one yurt and a so-called double-high "Kohte", so that we could spend the evening with the other packs around the campfire. The subject of this federal jamboree was David, the King's Son, who was placed under the ban. We lived his adventures and experiences day by day in prayers, scouting games and other activities. For this reason, a small prayer book was prepared for each scout. Each participant also received a camp songbook, the so-called "Bepeli".

During the first camp days, various workshops were offered, e.g. ornament production, working with leather or learning new dances.

The most popular activity offered, however, was canoeing which provided a lot of fun for all participants.

The highlight of the Jamboree was the big scouting game which gave us the opportunity to experience in various games the life of King David under the ban. At first, we could trade and rob just like the settlers, then creative abilities were demanded when each of the packs had to put up buildings for the city of Ziklag by using huge cardboard boxes. But the very same evening, the magnificent city was burnt down without mercy in a spectacular operation by the ennemies of the Israelites. Straight away, several very brave scouts took up the chase and succeeded in putting the ennemies to flight. The next day was the grand finale: The Israelites had to capture the city of Jebus. But only one pack succeeded in reaching the city by creeping through the town moat and to bypass the guards. All the other groups jointly marched into Jebus exclaiming shouts of victory. After all, the Grizzlys and the Fire Salamanders from our pack took 6 th  place, which was not easy in view of the large number of troops and the tasks which were not quite easy to solve. Another highlight of the Jamboree was the big hike. The participants of the Jamboree were divided into twelve groups which were named after the tribes of Israel. Our pack was split up into two hiking groups, Simeon and Naftali. Each group had to fulfill a number of specific tasks and try to find their way by using simply the map and the compass and to find a suitable place to sleep. On their way, several spectacular events happened. The Simeon group, e.g., crossed the river Main with 17 persons in one single canoe. As the sun shone quite hot, many breaks were taken for bathing and relaxing.

The next day, the groups marched back to the camp site and had to sing a rehearsed song or battle cry. It was tremendous fun for all of us!

In spite of the large number of activities, we also often had leisure time and once even had the opportunity to visit a nearby swimming pool. At 11 p.m., everybody had to retire, but the older scouts were allowed to stay with the Rovers.

On our last evening, an enormous feast was held followed by an evening of music and entertainment. After the numerous presentations, scouts from all packs were given the opportunity to give their scout's promise.