Eidskog 2002

Nordisk 2002 in Eidskog (Norway)

Friday, 28/06

In the early morning of this day, we finally started for our longed-for third trip abroad of our troop, our destination being the "Nordisk 2002" in South-Norway. This time was the first time in our scouting history that we went by plane to a scout jamboree. At the Hahn airport, we met the troop from Pforzheim which would form together with our troop one of four German groups. At 12.40 p.m., we finally entered Norwegian territory and went by bus to the camp site in Eidskog. As we had taken the plane, we arrived one day earlier than the rest of the troops. To our great delight we realized that our camp site was located directly near a large lake, having even some canoes on its shore near the bridge. We spent the rest of this tiring day putting up our tents and digging a fireplace.

Saturday, 29/06

The next day was characterized by the arrival of many different troops coming from all parts of Scandinavia and by the related lively activities on the camp site. Anywhere you could see scouts putting up tents and structures. We, too, joined the activities on the meadow and managed to build a table for cooking, several benches and the framework of a large tower.

Meanwhile the meadow which at the beginning had been quite empty, had transformed into a coloured sea made of tents of all kinds, various other structures, many different kinds of uniforms born by approximately 1,300 scouts from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany.

We spent the afternoon playing football, exploring the camp site, visiting other troops and lazing about.

Sunday, 30/06

For the opening of the jamboree, we all had to put on the jamboree t-shirt. All scouts of our sub-group of the camp had come together at the fixed meeting point and formed a unit in orange colour. During our march to the stage, we met the other groups of the camp, and all participants of the Jamboree together at last forming a six-coloured rainbow.

Then welcome was bidden to each single troop which attended the Jamboree, and we sang the Jamboree song together. We had lots of fun watching the sketches which subsequently were presented on the stage by several groups of different nationalities. In the evening, we had time to pass the day in review, to sing and to pray.

Monday, 01/07

The next day, we had the opportunity to gather information in the so-called Global Development Village relating to the topic of human rights. Games and short lectures made us learn a lot about prejudices against other persons and about the use of landmines and their consequences and we visited the "embassies" of Thailand, Ruanda and India. The following obstacle course was bound to collect money for children in the Third World by collecting donations from some Danish firms.

In the evening, the café for collaborators aged above 16 offered waffles and music and was very well received.

Tuesday, 02/07

In the morning, we took part in various workshops, such as canoeing, cooking or orientation under water. At noon, we were back, good-humoured, ready for lunch. But we didn't have much time, as activities started again at 1.00 p.m. Now it was time for the game "Captured in Eidskog". This game was a obstacle course during which we had to fulfill different tasks and collect as many points as possible, requiring skills like cleverness, sportiness and coordination. Evidently, all participants had much fun.

In the evening, we invited our Danish neighbour troop to join us around the campfire and had a nice evening together.

Wednesday, 03/07

This morning, it started to rain cats and dogs already at 8.00 a.m., and nobody really dared  get up. Nevertheless, we didn't have much time because today was the start of our hike.

Our hiking group started at 11.00 a.m. and had to walk a wonderful route of about 8 kms. When we arrived at our camp site located directly near a lake, we immediatley started to build up our tents. After this work, we all had something to eat. Then, one group started hiking towards the Swedish border, the rest of the scouts scouted around the area or stayed at the camp site. Later on, we went swimming and jumped from a 4 m high rock into the lake. After having had our evening meal, we passed the end of the day sitting around the camp fire.

Thursday, 04/07

After having had an extremely pleasant and in particular dry night, we had breakfast and then started our way back to Eidskog. Just like our way we took on Wednesday, this way back was also fantastic. We walked through wonderful mixed woodlands, through unique marshlands and passed numerous lakes until we arrived at the camp site at noon.

After lunch, we could again take part in workshops. Activities offered were forging, fishing and other activities requiring manual skills. In the evening we played a night scouting game: We had to follow a string leading us on a course through the forest, until we some time arrived at a fork. At this point we had to answer a question and decide in favour of one of the answers, this answer indicating us the direction to follow. If all questions were correctly answered, we would arrive at the destination.

Friday, 05/07

This day, we already had to get up at 5.00 a.m. because the bus which would take us to the airport, was going to depart at 6.00 a.m. This meant for us to struggle early to get out of our sleeping bags. After a short breakfast we got packed, stroke the tents and brought everything towards the road where the bus waited for us to take us to the airport.

At noon, the airplane took off and we landed in Hahn quite on time. In Hahn, the scouts from Pforzheim said goodbye, and then we went back to Neu-Anspach by bus. Here, our trip to Norway came definitely to an end, but we all certainly keep positive memories of this wonderful jamboree.