Back to the Roots
German-Danish Summer Jamboree near Taunusstein

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, on July 26, 2003, 28 Baptist boy and girl scouts of the Neu-Anspach Kestrels troop arrive at a camp site near Taunusstein. During the next eight days, a summer jamboree is being held together with 32 Danish scouts from Esbjerg, Odense and rhus, which the scouts from Neu-Anspach met for the first time last year on a jamboree in Norway. The motto of this jamboree is "Back to the Roots of Europe". Subdivided into six subcamps, each of them representing one European country, German and Danish scouts should get to know each other better. But first of all, the yurts and so-called "Kohten", the typical black scout tents, have to be put up, and this work requires the help of every person. In the late afternoon, the Danish scouts arrive at the camp site, exhausted from their long trip. After having moved into the tents, everyone gathers round the campfire to solemnly inaugurate the camp.
From now on, the scouts are awakened every morning by a trumpet. After breakfast, the daily activities start. At first, building camp structures is offered: By using only wooden poles and string, a camp gate, a cooking table, a washing place as well as a sun/rain roof are made.

This evening, just like the other ones, we sit for a long time around the campfire, singing German, Danish and English songs and using the time to get to know the other scouts better. Moreover,  prayers are held each day telling the history of the former robber's son Tom which shows how Christian faith can change one's life.

On Tuesday, a visit to Wiesbaden, including the visit of the Freundenberg castle, also known as the Ącastle of the senses", is offered. The next morning, the backpacks are shouldered, because a hike shall take place on Wednesday and Thursday, a kind of activity course during which we walk with our luggage and sleep outside the camp site. Our destinations are sights in the area surrounding our camp site, a castle, a Roman castle or the so-called ĄThick lime tree". In the evening, all groups have to look for a place to sleep, put up their tents and cook their supper on an open fire. On this evening, all scouts retire very early, tired from their long march which will continue the next morning. The backpacks are heavy, the way seems to be endless to some of the scouts and the weather with its heavy rain showers is far from being pleasant, but nevertheless, at noon all groups arrive at the camp site, exhausted, but good-humoured. For relaxation, we spend the hot afternoon in a swimming pool 4 km from our camp site. Here we finally get the opportunity to take a shower and to refresh ourselves in the water.

The next to the last day, a scouting game is offered, giving the scouts the opportunity to learn about the life of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the scouting movement. They have to solve a riddle and watch out for dangerous slave traders. In the afternoon, preparations for the variety programme on the farewell evening have to be taken: stage plays are rehearsed, sketches and games are planned and a buffet is prepared. Then the time has come for the programme, and the evening starts with stage plays and songs performed by the various hiking groups. We have lots of fun, and every group gets a loud applause. Moreover, the best hiking group and the winning group of the scouting game are honoured, and again we sing lots of songs. This evening, the scouts sit longer than usual under the starry sky around the campfire. Nevertheless, the next morning, all of us get up early to take camp down. Then it's time to say goodbye. All of us look forward to sleeping in our beds, to have a shower and to put on clean clothes, but we all are sad about having to part, hoping, however, to meet again at the German Federal Jamboree of the Baptist Scout Association in Koblenz in 2004 or at the Federal Jamboree of Danish Scouts near Oksedal in 2005.