The Baptist Scout Association in Neu-Anspach 1995

In mid-1994, Edine Rieck was in search of a new concept for activities for children in Neu-Anspach. Children of her parish told her about the scouting-like activities of the Royal Rangers. Then she discovered that years ago, the Baptists had already founded a scout association and she established first contacts with this association.

Before starting local scouting activities in Neu-Anspach, first experience in scouting was acquired during the "Staufer" hike which took place in April 1995 in the "Franconian Switzerland", a region in Northern Bavaria. This hike was a very instructive experience  for the eight participants - learning by doing, that means in particular learning through one's mistakes. One of the participants, for example, already lost the sole of his shoes inherited from his grandfather before having hiked his first 100 metres. The next morning, the same thing happened to another participant. After a five kilometre hike, one person had bloody feet - due to his Doc Marten boots. On the first day, the backpacks which had been packed by the parents, still could wonderfully be carried, but the second day, they started to be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, everybody had fun and looked forward to the start of the scouting activities in Neu-Anspach.

The training for pack leaders in Welzheim took place at the right time. In September 1995, four persons (Edine Rieck and three teenagers) acquired the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for starting scouting work. During this training, Edine Rieck gave her scout promise, thus turning into the first Baptist female scout in the German state of Hessen.

The camporee which was held in October 1995, was the starting shot for the scouting work in Neu-Anspach. It was pleasant to see how many inhabitants from Neu-Anspach - coming not only from the Baptist parish - participated in this camp. Even the Federal Leader of the Baptist Scout Association personally attended the camp, bringing along a few scouts.

The first scout meeting took place on 27/10/1995 and was attended by not less than 26 children. From January 1996 on, we worked in three groups: Cub Scouts (seven to nine years of age), Scouts (ten to eleven years of age) and Senior Scouts.

During scout meetings, a manifold programme with interesting topics is offered, e.g. handicraft activities, Christian propagation, practice-oriented working with the Bible, sports, orientation in natural surroundings, social commitments, singing and playing.

Anne and Edine