Pack camp 1996

Pack camp 1996 in Hunoldstal

Wednesday, 17/07

At first, we had to rake the meadow behind Edine's house in blazing heat. We talked about the school reports, school and all the other annoying topics. After having cleaned the meadow quite well, we started to put up the tents called "Kohten".

2 nd  day: Thursday, 18/07

After a "restful night", we had breakfast together. Then we went by bus to Finsternthal to scout for the source of the Saubach. After a long walk along the Saubach, over a paddock and passing by a rabid stallion, we finally reached the source.

After this tiring day, all of us were happy to be allowed to go to bed. At around 11.00 p.m., the vigil screamed alarm. The scouts from Usingen were making a raid on us! We sprang to our feet and ran to the neighbour meadow where several figures were already fighting on the ground. After an extensive fight, we sat down around the campfire and sang a few songs together - what a night!

3 rd  day, Friday, 19/07

Today the big hike along the Weil was to take place. First, we walked along the Weil. After about half an hour, we arrived at the Jungschar forest. Here David left us alone in the wilderness.

4 th  day, Saturday, 20/07

On this day, we had our big scouting game. We had a lot of fun with stalking, being discovered and taking flight. It took nearly the whole day to play the game. When we finally arrived in the camp, there was a rumour going round that another attack on us was planned for the coming night. Wrong! Until 1.00 o'clock in the night we kept vigil, talking with one another, but nobody came.

Deeply disappointed, we retired and fell asleep.

Last day, Sunday, 21/07

It was time to break camp. After breakfast, we started to take down the flagstaff, the camp constructions and the Kothen. Around noon, the first parents came to pick up their children, but they had to wait because before being stroken, the Kothen had to be carefully brushed. After a common praise, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to the comrades, the hard hikes and the troublesome ants which had caused much trouble to several of us when waking up in the morning.

Sebastian Fletzberger