Camp pack in Weilburg from 01/09/97 to 04/09/97

Monday, September 1, at 14.00 o'clock was the starting date for our camp pack in Weilburg/Lahn. After an adventuresome trip, we finally arrived at the youth camping-site which was just the right one for our purpose.

The first thing we had to do was to put up the yurt which took us quite a lot of time and which was even harder as it was really hot! But we needn't go far to cool ourselves down, as the camping-site was located directly on the bank of the Lahn river. The kids quickly had armed themselves with a car tire and jumped into the Lahn.

On Tuesday, after lunch the kids were crazy about building a float after having visited the castle and having gone for a city stroll. For hours they were busy with this activity, and the leaders had a little time to relax and to take a nap.

Wednesday was the day which everybody had been looking forward to because canoeing had been announced for this day. After 100 m of training we had to paddle through a quite dark shipping tunnel. The total length of our trip to Villmar was 22 km. Those who then were not tired yet, could paddle 3 more kms until Runkel. For our way back, we took the "Lahn train". When we arrived for dinner at the camping site, we were completely worn out and very hungry.

Then the scout investiture ceremony much looked forward to by many scouts took place. First we had intended to walk to the castle garden for this ceremony, but after this day, the youth camping-site was idyllic enough for us. On this night, three of us made our senior scout promises, three others became scouts. Moreover, Uwe was admitted as an honorary scout.

After this ceremony, we sat together around the campfire and sang scout songs, accompanied by an old guitar, until the night fell.

The motto of the camporee was "Love God and neighbour as ourselves. The older shall serve the younger."

This is also the meaning of the scout salute, and the motto was well heeded. During the prayers, the older helped the younger and it was nice for us, the leaders, to realize how this camboree had united the group within only three days. It is really fun and it is something very special to be scouts!

Happy trails!