National Jamboree "Trerix÷set" 1999, Sweden

The days of campfires and sagas.  The Baptist Scout Group in Sweden. 42 scouts of the Baptist Scout Group accepted the invitation of the three scout associations MKU, SMU and SBUF (Baptists) to participate in the big Scout Jamboree 'Trerix÷set' in Sweden. 8,000 scouts, among them 800 international scouts from 40 different countries, met in South Sweden. The motto of the Jamboree was "The days of campfires and sagas", following the book of Astrid Lindgren "The Lionheart Brothers", where can be read: " It's still in the days of campfires and sagas there, and you'll like that. ... and if you went there, then you could take part in adventures from morning till evening, and at night, Jonathan said".

The aim of the Jamboree was not only to live like scouts, but rather to find community with other scouts on both, human and faith levels. In this sense, everywhere at the camp ground church tents and roving pilgrims could be found. Nearly all of these so-called pilgrims were Baptist pastors who were there round the clock to talk about faith, God and personal concerns and interests. A large variety of projects in most various areas and at very different times were offered, and the scout troops could choose to take part in any project. In the area of adventures, e.g., the opportunity was given to participate in a survival treck where natural obstructions had to be surmounted, in an overnight stay on a paradise island, in a Wasa run and similar activities. The handicraft projects included e.g. the initiation into the traditional craftsmanships of this region, such as charcoal burning, forging, plaiting, carving, etc. No scout was bothered by the sweat coming out of his pores because of the heat, as two phantastic lakes located at the edge of the camp invited for cooling down, for romping about and of course for canoeing. It was in particular the wonderful nature of Sweden which could be experienced with the nature projects during a bat safari or hikes through the national parks. The countless events were always accompanied by thematic prayers of the pilgrims which brought about the success in transforming the Jamboree into a ten-days divine service, into a place to  meet Jesus, God and fellow beings.