The Baptist Scout Association (BPS)

1. Our Goals

First of all it should be said that the Baptist Scout Association BPS is a Christian group. Therefore one of our goals is naturally to encourage young people towards a life with God (that does not mean that we only accept Christians!!!), our guide being the Bible. For us, this means: we can turn to Jesus in every situation and know that Jesus always hears us. Naturally our pack meetings to a large part consist of games, fun and Scout techniques.  
In our Christian faith we adhere to the Baptist beliefs and principles.  If you would like to know more about that, click here.

2. Our Organization

We hold to the internationally used Scouting system. That means that we organize our troops in little groups, so-called packs, and each pack forms individually.  In the end, however, each pack forms part of the whole troop, e.g. participating together in a campfire.

Our members are subdivided into three age groups, as it usually is in the Scouts:
Cubs (6-9 years), Junior Scouts (10-12 years), Scouts (13-16 years) and Rovers (16-21 years). At a not so exactly determined age one may call himself Senior Scout (or our unofficial version: old bugger; -).

If you want to learn yet more about the BPS, simply visit the official Homepage of our association!