The Development in Germany

In the year 1909 emerged the first Scout groups in Germany. Particularly in military circles, the concept drew large support. The so-called "Free Youth Movement" which arose around the turn of the century had first of all no connection with the Scouts. Before World War I, the two different philosophies were not brought together. While the Scouts were close to the empire, the Free Youth Movement entered the scene against the Wilhelminian monopolization of the young people.

After the war, more points of contact emerged between the Free Youth Movement and the Scouts. Today there are numerous commonalities. Basic Scouting elements such as, e.g., yurts, Scout jackets and many of our songs originate in the tradition of the Free Youth movement. Nevertheless the differences between the Scouts and the Free Youth Movement is still evident. The largest difference is probably the educational concept of the Scouts which is rejected by the Free Youth Movement (although in practice they have adopted many elements).

The History of the Baptist Scout Association BPS